Zendrive 2

Effect Information

Hermida Audio Zendrive 2 has the most beautiful smooth gain voicing of
any pedal I’ve ever owned. It’s perfect for producing the Robben Ford dumble voicing or the Eric Johnson “Ah Via Musicom” sound.”

very interactive with both the gain and tone controls. Increasing the voice control requires lowering the gain control to maintain the same
amount of overdrive. The tone control actually provides a bright “crunchier” tone when full open and more of a Santana type sustain when at it’s lowest setting.”

“My personal favorite gain voicing
is extremely full bodied with a lot of sustain while retaining a
defined pick attack at the beginning of the picked note and the ability
to slide into a beautiful harmonic.”

Example settings:

  • Gain at
  • Voice at 1:00
  • Tone at 11:00
  • Volume at 10:30

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