W-100 (Wah-Wah)

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“In the mid 70s, when Rock and Roll shows crisscrossed the country in endless caravans of semi trucks, carrying cargo of huge PA systems and lighting rigs, shows grew ever larger and louder as the decade Rocked on.”

“One of the companies providing the backline equipment for some of these tours was the MUSONIC Company of Des Plaines, IL. They decided to start importing Orange Amplifiers and became the sole US distributor — even going so far as to manufacture certain versions of Orange amps right here in the US.”

“To make things even more exciting, they produced a series of foot pedals so rugged, they resembled the trucks that carried all of the cool gear. Thus, to this world was born the mighty W-100 Wah Wah pedal. The W-100 owing its soul to the Colorsound Inductor Wah which it is closely based on.”

“MUSONIC used: Switchcraft jacks, Carling 316 true bypass switch (wired correctly for true bypass) not to mention the massively thick and beefy enclosure, a 1/8″ power jack with reverse polarity protection and filtering are present.”

“Of note, the spring mechanism that is supposed to hold the treadle in a fixed position when parked was likely never up to the job. It is a tiny spring against a heavy block of metal, therefore the pedal cannot be used for a parked wah sound.”

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