Voodoo 1 (Distortion Active Splitter)

Effect Information

“The original (early 90s) Roger Mayer UK Voodoo-1 Distortion Active Splitter Guitar
Effects Pedal. A very effective distortion box with a gain stage that runs from
the lightest crunch to one of the flappiest, dirtiest old style
distortions I´ve heard for some time. Add to that — a tone control
that thins or thickens the distortion with plenty of output boost for
soloing levels.”

“The distortion is very tube-like in its compressed
tonality and more importantly it reacts like a good tube to guitar
volume alteration. A sleek high-gain distortion pedal — not a re-issue fuzz, but a new
pedal from the man who made effects for none other than Hendrix himself. It gives a thick, ballsy sound, great for extended soloing, with rich
harmonics and classic controlled feedback. Back it off for a dense and
meaty rhythm sound.”

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