Voltage Controlled Flanger – Model 4000A

Effect Information

“Hard to find voltage controlled rack-type flanger from Systech.”

The Model 4000A has the following:

  • Three-band equalization on the input;
  • Adjustable input gain with an overload LED indicator;
  • Emphasis control for flanger regeneration;
  • Flange rate control with rate LED indicator;
  • Dry/wet mix control;
  • Manual delay control;
  • In/out push-switch (effects bypass);
  • and power on/off switch and indicator.

“Standard 1/4-inch input and output jacks. Remote control foot switch/pedal jacks for IN/OUT effects bypass switching, MANUAL DELAY sweep, and FLANGE RATE pedal or Control Voltage control. AC-powered, rack-type mounting in a 2U space unit.”

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Date Range (12/09/2022 - 11/05/2023)

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