Vesta Fire R-1X (Digital Reverb)

Effect Information

What the seller had to say:

“The R-1X
has eight reverb modes arranged in two banks of four — use the small Bank
button to switch between banks and the right-sided foot switch to cycle
through the four modes in the selected bank.”

“This pedal is very noisy in operation — with the effect level
control kept low it’s not too bad, but with a lo-fi reverb like this
you’d probably want it to be a bit more prominent as part of your sound.
And there are some crackles while adjusting the controls.”

“It is unclear (as we’ve never seen/heard another one) whether these are faults or if this was just how this pedal always was, so this pedal is being sold for spares or repair only. Requires
a 9-15v DC power supply. The
original owner said that (while it works with a standard pedal power
supply) it has the opposite ground
to most pedals so cannot be daisy chained with a shared power supply.”

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