(V-809) Repeat Percussion

Effect Information

“The original vintage ‘tremolo-esque’ effect. The V-809 Repeat Percussion
tremelo produces a sound found on many vintage amplifiers and was popular with
surf music from the 1960s. Tremelo is a volume change effect that
simulates your guitar volume being turned up and down over and over as
you play.”

“Tone is much improved when this unit is
on — in a class all by itself. The sound can be a
hard hitting, punchy, vibrating sound that puts the riff or chord you
play right in the front of everyone else. It can also achieve a
background tapestry of coolness for rhythm support. It is
a unity gain device and is not a boost or volume cut. Works equally
well with electric or acoustic guitar. A totally different sound than
chorus, reverb, vibrato, fuzz, distortion, wah, or a flanger.”

sound of this Vox pedal is unique, unlike any other tremolo pedal out
there. Simple effect to operate. Features a slide ON/OFF switch and a
dial to adjust the rate or speed of the effect. Plugs directly into the
guitar output jack. Vintage from the 70s (and late 60s). Made in Italy. Runs on one 9
volt battery.”

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