U-400G 212 (Combo Guitar Amplifier)

Effect Information

“The vintage 1970s Univox U-400G 212 combo
guitar amplifier. Manufactured by Benidai, Tokyo, Japan, for Unicord,
Inc., Westbury, NY. Dimensions are: Width 23 7/8 inches, height 19 1/2
inches, depth 9 3/8 inches. Output is 35 watts. Functions include reverb and tremelo. Large
reverb tank for lush-sounding reverb. Three inputs. Controls are: Volume,
bass, treble, tremelo intensity, tremelo speed, reverb.”

“Two inputs on
back for remote switching of reverb and tremelo — can be used with a switch pedal. Two 12 inch speakers with large square magnets and very
cool-looking Univox labels. Great
gigging amp.”

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