Tube Tape Echo (Black Knobs)

Effect Information

“These units sound like a million bucks and also make a nice tube preamp. No hum — in a low noise environment at close proximity you can hear the rollers at the high speed setting. Totally normal. The solution is not to place the TTE in front of the amp when you are recording at extreme low volume at the high speed setting. My preference is to leave it at the low speed/low-fi setting.”

“To my ear that’s the sound — and it’s easier on the machine. The only other caveat would be the echo repeat knob. When you have the recording level cranked, I have found it best to keep the echo repeat knob below 12 o’clock. The manual sites a setting of 3 o’clock for a COOL sound, but I don’t agree. Runaway oscillation is not that musical to me.”

“This machine will reward the person who takes the time to learn how to dial in the tone.”

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Date Range (06/25/2022 - 06/25/2022)


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