Truly Beautiful Disaster w/Original Manual

Effect Information

“Rare original Effector 13 Truly Beautiful
Disaster pedal. This is the older model that came out
before the pedal was manufactured by Devi Ever.”

“The TBD is simply an oscillating fuzz and a feed back loop with photo
sensitive eye in one pedal. The oscillating fuzz is capable of hundreds
of different fuzz tones with it’s blend, fuzz, oscillation, and gate
controls, while the feed back loop can mutate any of your other effects
into a new noise generating machine of doom.”


  • volume knob : tons of gain on tap
  • blend knob : bends original signal into fuzz, thins fuzz sound
  • fuzz knob : controls power going to fuzz, becomes more “sputtery” at lower settings
  • oscillation knob : controls intensity and pitch of the oscillation
  • gate flip switch : toggles an alternate fuzz mode on which can gate the oscillation
  • loop foot switch : engages true bypass / feed back loop
  • eye flip switch : engages photo sensitive eye to control loop intensity
  • loop flip switch : engages feed back function of loop
  • loop foot switch : engages pedals in loop

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