Tornado Phase Shifter

Effect Information

From a 1977 Guitar Player advertisement:

“This is a professional phaser that is designed to function without
hassle. If you own a phaser with two different color settings you
probably know how noisy the wah-phase “deep” mode is. We’ve
revolutionized the circuitry and added our own noise eliminator system — it cuts out all noise when you stop playing — AUTOMATICALLY. This is
an incredible advantage to you when you need to remain silent during
someone else’s solo or lead break.”

on/off switch will not produce a loud “POP” like other units usually do
when you turn them on or off, and the volume level doesn’t change. In
addition to these advantages, the smoothness of sound and the precise
speed control will give you the sound you’ve always wanted from your

The TORNADO will also produce the sound of a Leslie when
the speed is set up high in both the DEEP studio phasing mode and the
MELLOW phasing mode. Best of all, the TORNADO is priced at only $79.95.”

So it sounds like they were originally true bypass and have increased in value over the years. They may also be rare.

Archived past online sales data:

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