Tone Bender MKI Clone w/Really Interesting Electronics

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Edited from the original listing:

“Here is a sweet Vox Tonebender clone built by yours truly. This is a
copy of the earliest Tonebender circuit. The two transistor model that
predates the Fuzz Face. This thing rips… its one of the best fuzz
circuits ever and I spared no expense:

  • Allen Bradley Carbon Comp Resistor
  • Tungsram AC 125 Germanium (both tested for leakage and gain)
  • Newmarket NKT 274 Germanium  (both tested for leakage and gain)
  • Tropical Fish Caps throughout
  • RIFA Electrolytic Cap
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • ALPHA pots
  • True Bypass
Old Skool Terminal Strip wiring
Unlike the original this pedal has a bias control so you can get different flavors out of the transistors.
Also there is a switch on the left side of the pedal that switches to a smaller input cap to give you a brighter tone
And there is another switch on the right side to give you more bass response.
When both the switches are foward it is exactly the same as the mid 60s Tonebender circuit.”
Wow … please make more!

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