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“I have both a Tim and Timmy — I like the Tim better because it is less harsh than the Timmy and has the extra boost. I use the Tim as my main overdrive/bass sound (often I just leave it on all of the time as an EQ and add just a little grit to my sound) with the Timmy as a solo clean boost using the Tim’s boost section for some dirt. Not many sounds I can’t get with the two pedals together. It should be noted though that Paul has recently made changes to the Tim so it is identical to the Tim’s first gain stage with the exception of a different gain pot for more range — the harshness is gone with the new version.”

“This is the Holy Grail, no pedal board is complete without it. The Tim pedal is a flat/clean booster to mild crunchy overdrive effect. It’s not a high gain compressed type of lead pedal. It’s more about adding boost and distortion while keeping the punch and dynamics of the amp. It has a main mode of operation, and a boost mode that’s meant to kick things up a bit. Also included is a post-effect series effects loop. The pedal is true bypass.”

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