Superdelay Vintage Modified w/Original Packaging

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“The vintage modified superdelay is based on our superdelay with some modifications to the tape modes.  The vintage setting now has some added modulation and the old mode has had some high end rolled off a bit with the same modulation and some grit added to reproduce the sound of worn heads and dirty tape on your tape delay. The vintage modified superdelay still has all the rest of the features and delays as the original with a new paint job and a little added appeal to the tape and vintage delay fans.”

This is the best sounding and most versatile digital delay I’ve ever played. Not only that, the tape echo simulation is incredible. The compression and the decay are amazing. Too many features to list. But, among my favorites are the tap tempo, dotted 8th notes, and storage for presets. It has 2.8 seconds of delay time and an 11 second looper. This sounds way too good to be digital.”

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