U-1095 Super-Fuzz (V2) Orange Case w/Original Box

Effect Information

“The Unicord/Univox Super Fuzz pedal with a gray metal case and blue rubber foot pad dates to 1970-1973. The gray box may have been the earliest issue of the Super Fuzz in this shape case. Some of these effects may still have original “PRODUCT OF UNICORD INC” sticker on the front edge.”

“The ultimate fuzz box of all time was made by Univox of Japan (later Korg). The Super-Fuzz was launched before 1970 although I would consider it a fuzz box typical for the 70s. Super harsh, over-the-top and aggressive, it launched a new generation of fuzz boxes that probably influenced other 70s classics like the Ibanez Standard Fuzz or the Roland Bee-Baa.”

So with regard to past sales. When my site was redesigned there was no easy way to import old data from the legacy site into the new format. Bummer. For the most part, a link to the old data (when available) can be seen on most of the site pages. In the case of the Univox section the links to the old site did not hold up. So, here is what little data I can present on past sales. It is pretty useless but it could date all of the way back to 2008 foward. I don’t know for sure since all date stamps are missing. Kind of pisses me off actually.

  • High: $975
  • Average: $608.00
  • Low: $480.00

At any rate, you can see that these continue to command high prices all these years later.

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