Super-Fuzz (V1 w/Gray Case)

Effect Information

A great Who website with a lot of good information on this effect as well as killer Who tab.

“This unique fuzz tone is an octave fuzz using two germanium diodes to
produce the square wave clipping. The controls are ‘Balance’ (volume),
‘Expander’ (fuzz amount), a two position ‘tone’ switch, and an on/off
foot switch on top. There are two unique features of this device that set
it apart from other distortion and fuzz pedals.”

“The first is that the
full-wave rectification of the circuit produces an upper octave as well
as a slight lower octave. This also gives the sound a lot of compression
and gives a mild ring modulator effect. The second unique feature is a
tone switch that engages a 1khz filter that “scoops” the mids, giving a
very fat, almost bassy tone, unique to this circuit.”

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