Sub-Blaster (Octave Divider)

Effect Information

From the original Ampeg owner’s manual — this effect has been discontinued and perhaps not that many were manufactured:

“Basic understanding of the SUB-BLASTER and its operation will result in the ability to use each of the sounds that the unit can produce. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all of the controls — a little time spent with the SUBBLASTER will enable you to use the unit to its fullest capacity.”

“The “Direct” control adjusts the amount of unaffected signal added to the output. The gain structure of the SUBBLASTER is designed so that maximum headroom is preserved throughout the direct signal path.”

“The “Octave” control adjusts the amount of “octave” effect added to the output. Tracking accuracy has been greatly improved over other octave pedal designs. On a five string bass, better results will be obtained by fretting the note on the B (fifth) string, fifth fret, rather than playing it as an open E on the fourth string.”

“The tracking will be maximized in the middle of the neck by using the neck or rhythm pickup. Tracking will still function well in all ranges with the bridge pickup, but for optimum results the neck pickup is recommended.”

“The foot switch permits a return to straight sound without clicks or pops at a level equal to the SUB-BLASTER output level. Thus, you do not have to reset your volume control on the amplifier each time you switch the effect on and off.”

“The SUB-BLASTER uses a “true bypass” switching system so that when the effect is turned off, the signal is literally connected by wires from input to output. The input and output jacks (marked “guitar” and “amplifier”) also provide battery on-off switching. When not in use — unplug the input (“guitar”) jack to conserve battery power.”

“When using multiple effects, place the SUB-BLASTER early in the signal chain — before distortion, envelope, chorus effects. This is because the SUB-BLASTER likes to see a pure sine wave signal — the waveform modifications produced by the aforementioned effects may have a disruptive effect on the operation of the SUB-BLASTER. Always place the SUB-BLASTER as close to the signal source as possible.”

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