STL (Super Tube)

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“It sounds brilliant as a gain booster with lots of mids, very vocal actually. Not a lot of low-end, but you don’t miss it. The two tone controls make it very easy to adust how much sizzle you want in your tone. Very touch-sensitive, yet still a lot of smooth sustain. This has two of those ‘magical’ JRC4558Ds in the circuit”

“First of all, you must have a tube amp. The pedal is noise free unless it is cranked to maximum. It is not a distortion effect for heavy metal. With a cranked amp and pedal cranked up you can get the “Bad to the Bone” sound. Sustain is great. The Rat has more distortion but is not as smooth as the Super Tube.”

“This rare bird was only manufactured for one year, immediately following the manufacture of the vaunted ST9 and it’s basically the same pedal. Yes, this has two (2) of the much desired JRC4558D chips.Very warm analog tube sound, very reactive to adjustments from the pedal and the guitar.”

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