Standard Fuzz (No. 59)

Effect Information

“Cool vintage Ibanez fuzz box — called the Ibanez Standard Fuzz. Pre dates
all the TS-808 and TS-9 pedals. Sounds a lot like one of those Shin-ei
Super Fuzz pedals. Definitely heavy fuzz.”

“Another insane fuzz from the early 70s — Japanese made. These
early Ibanez fuzz pedals are somewhat rare and the circuit is the same as other Japanese fuzzes from that era
(Bruno Fuzz Machine, Lord Fuzz Machine, Marlboro Wailer, Northland Fuzz
Machine, Teisco Fuzz Machine).”

“The Fuzz Machine has
two flavors of fuzz, one thin and one thick. Totally crazy, they really grind — similar to the
Fender Blender
with some octave action going

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