ST-01 (Super Tube Screamer) w/Original Box

Effect Information

“Rare. This
is Maxon’s late 80s “Zero-One” series version of its early 80s ST-9
Super Tubescreamer — a rare variant of the 808 Tubescreamer. Circa 1987, Made in Japan. Japanese market only.”

morphed the 9 series into the Zero-One series during the mid 80s. As
with all the “Zero-One” series pedals, the production run on this unit
was small; there aren’t many of them. Built like a brick — weighs a
healthy 21 ounces.”

  • Has the twin JRC4558D op amps as the 808 and ST-9
  • Like the ST-9 has an added feature the 808 does not possess: a mid boost control pot.

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