SS-20 (Session Man II)

Effect Information

“The addition of short delay to
the Session-Man II gives your guitar a depth and presence not
possible with conventional distortion pedals. The SS20 makes it easy to
enhance the distorted sound with effects such as doubling or echo reverb.”

“Since the MODE switch allows you to select between serial and parallel
connections (delay/distortion) you can create a wide variety
of combined sounds or use them independently as two separate pedals (within one of course).”

the Session Man (SS-10), this pedal has a seri (series) or para (parallel)
mode. In the series it goes delay, then distortion. You have knobs for
distortion, distortion tone, and distortion level, plus a knob for delay
time. Under the foot switch (where the battery goes) is also a hole,
with trimmers that can be adjusted. These affect the rate of delay and
the repeats of delay.” 

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