SS-102 (Echo Chamber)

Effect Information

“This is in essence a Guyatone 808D. Kastam was
bought out by Guyatone (perhaps) in the late 1970s. This was Kastam’s top of the line
unit. There are stereo RCA in/outs
in the back unlike the Guyatones. Amazing echo unit. Looping via an 8-track tape. Delay time range is from a one tap (slap back) all
the way to long echoing, multitap/feed backs. Delay time can be adjusted via a small dial inside the unit.”

“You can set the max
delay time to suit your style, so it can go into self oscillation, or
just prior to, whatever you want. They’re good for the road as they are
more reliable than the loose tape Roland Space Echos, Echoplexes and so
on. Very simple to swap out the tape — just plug in a new one in seconds … try doing that with a Space Echo.”

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