SRP-16 Digital Stereo Reverb w/Original Power Supply

Effect Information

“The sounds are all preset. You can only adjust the amount of effected signal with the dry level. A notched pot provides 16 choices grouped into categories of room, hall, gated, and reverse. Some have long tails — others are short. It is easy to find a reverb sound for the type of style you are playing.”

“This is the best sounding reverb you can currently find in a pedal unit. The signal/noise ratio is over 90db and the quality of the sounds are comparable to 16-bit stereo digital rackmount units. This is definitely one of those pedals that inspire you to play more.”

“Very short rapid reverb to wild heavy stadium sized reverb with bounce back echo. The reverb options are endless. Operates only with a 9 volt d.c. adapter.”

“It cannot be powered from a 9 volt battery, so it requires an external 9 volt power supply with a 3.5 mm mono plug attached to the supply. For your reference, this is the same type of plug commonly found on a standard set of ear buds except a mono plug instead of a stereo style plug.”

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