Square Wave (SQ-150)

Effect Information

“Hands down THE BEST fuzz box I’ve ever heard! I found mine eight or nine years
ago and have used it in nearly every project I’ve worked on ever since.
Great for 60s style garage band fuzz,
Jesus & Mary Chain style feedback workouts, pure noise/static
experiments. It’s not subtle. Once it’s on, it’s ON.”

“All fuzz all the
time. for very extreme applications only. It will almost always
feedback on the treble setting once you hit the switch, but it’s
amazingly quiet when turned off. I’ve primarily used it only with
vintage equipment (Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster though a Silvertone Twin
Twelve amp running a Fender 2×12 cabinet), but I’ve also used it with
solid state amps (GK RB400 bass amp through a Fender 2×15), and even
with an SM57 microphone stuck in the bell of a saxophone for a
feedback/noise project ala Masonna. I’ve used it with bass guitar too.”

“It always sounds great, and I’ve often referred to it as the ‘secret
sauce’. It is entirely unlike anything I’ve ever heard before or since.”

“Need some serious old-school fuzz tone? Need it cute and tiny? Have a soft spot in your heart for a sleeper classic? Two brilliantly conceived yet mysteriously labeled controls: “wave
shape” and “balance” which might be more clearly designated as “tone”
and volume”.

“Why is there no gain control? Because it sounds better at maximum fuzz all the time! Oh yeah!”

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