Space Machine 70

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“The sound is very quirky and typical of pedals from this era (late 70s – early 80s). The onus back then was on making adventurous sounds and this is an unusual one. I don’t know what the official description of the effect is but I’d put it in a Leslie sim/vibrato sort of category. It de-tunes the signal slightly and adds a rotary sound too. I LOVE the sound – its ace for picking out lines or keyboards too. There is no noticeable signal noise.”

“I’ve yet to here the Space Machine being used by a recording artist. Someone, somewhere, will have used one, but when I plugged into the pedal, my reaction was ‘cool – a new sound!’ Used sparingly the effect can and will enhance any instrument put through it.”

“Brilliant pedal – don’t be put off by its MXR looks though. This is a pedal that doesn’t seek to imitate. I’m surprised that Coron effects are not valued as highly as other old makes — maybe we should all get hold of as many of these baby’s before the inevitable boom happens. Top stuff!”

“The Coron Space Machine 70 was made in the late 70s in Japan in very small quantities, these are very scarce and hard to find pedals, and their quality and sound is always awesome. The Space Machine is a super weird vibrato/chorus with some slight flange on it, it can detune a little and go way beyond your typical leslie/vibe kind of sounds. I honestly can’t find a pedal like it, and I think it is so much more than the CE-1 it is sometimes compared to.”

“The sound it produces is completely unique, a lush swirl of analog vibrato with a “speed” knob that’s controlling the speed range of the LFO wave. This effect works nicely in synths and other instruments besides guitar, it can do completely unique shit when working with other effects.”

When you take a look inside this pedal, you’ll understand one of the reasons I believe it has never been replicated. The circuit has some really obscure components and weird layouts, I have only seen something like it on the Korg KWS-301 Wave Shaper, who also has some untranslatable esoteric shit in the circuit board, kind of home brewed lo-fi vibes.”

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