Space Machine 70

Effect Information

“The sound is very quirky and typical of
pedals from this era (late 70s – early 80s). The onus back then was on making
adventurous sounds and this is an unusual one. I don’t know what the
official description of the effect is but I’d put it in a Leslie
sim/vibrato sort of category. It de-tunes the signal slightly and adds a
rotary sound too. I LOVE the sound – its ace for picking out lines or
keyboards too. There is no noticeable signal noise.”
“I’ve yet to here the Space Machine being used by a recording
artist. Someone, somewhere, will have used one, but when I plugged into
the pedal, my reaction was ‘cool – a new sound!’ Used sparingly the effect can and will enhance any instrument put through it.”
“Brilliant pedal – don’t be put off by its MXR looks though. This is a
pedal that doesn’t seek to imitate. I’m surprised that Coron effects are not
valued as highly as other old makes – maybe we should all get hold of
as many of these baby’s before the inevitable boom happens. Top stuff!”

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