SP-1 (Spectrum) Japan/Black Label/Silver Screw

Effect Information

“The rare Boss SP-1 Spectrum pedal from the late 1970s.
 The third of the “traffic light” series from the original models
(introduced in 1977) of the compact pedal series.  The Spectrum is more
or less a single band of parametric eq. Sounds like a wah in a fixed

“Made in Japan. Inked serial number, clear internal switch,
metal battery compartment set screw.  Check light illuminates only when
pressed (also a characteristic of the first run Boss pedals).”

“The Boss SP-1 Spectrum EQ/Filter pedal from the late
1970s. Very
early version of the pedal with silver screw, momentary LED and black
‘use a coin’ label on the base. Dials are of the screw on variety and
like other pedals from this era feel solid and very well made.”

very rare find, largely ignored by the masses in the day and now one of
the most sought after Boss pedals by collectors. It’s basically a single
band parametric equalizer where you select the frequency with the spectrum dial and the amount of
effect with the balance dial — can be used to give a nice mid-range boost
for solos or a subtle tone shaping.”

“Works great with
synthesizers too. This is where this effect really shines — indeed
many of the people that bought these in the day were synth/keyboard

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