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“The excellent Maxon made Ibanez Super Metal (SML) distortion pedal. Works equally well with a healthy nine volt battery or adapter. Along with the drive and level knobs you also get a post distortion punch control for bass and an edge control for treble/presence, PLUS an pre-distortion attack knob that controls the midrange cut/boost which really helps shape the sound. This is an excellent pedal for gigging or late night jamming when you need the tone without the volume.”

“If you own a Tubescreamer or other overdrive pedal but need something with more ‘oomph’ this is it. And that Tubescreamer plugged into this pedal with just a touch of gain takes it over the top: endless sustain at bedroom levels! It has a PCB similar to the SM9 with two JRC4558D op-amps for plenty of gain and distortion.”

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