ShredMaster (Made in England)

Effect Information

“This sadly discontinued “stomper” is truly one of the
greats and deserves a reissue! Despite being be out of production for
a number of years, this unit has always enjoyed a rabid and
enthusiastic following. Typical gain and output knobs handle distortion
amounts while a treble, bass, and a contour knob take care of tonal

“The ShredMaster was always billed as a Marshall in a box, and
while this is true at some settings, the scope and range of this pedal
goes far beyond than that. Mellow settings recall the glory days of
Bluesbreaker-era Clapton while extreme setting pull off Radiohead-like
crunch. Split the difference and you’ll hear shades of everything from
singing sustain of Gary Moore to the valvey bite of My Bloody
Valentine. The housing is thick and sturdy and the knobs are nice.”

“Marshall is the sound
of rock — the masters of guitar sound dynamics. The ShredMaster
pedal contains the most extreme gain levels yet produced. From smooth
lead and crunch, through hard rock and power rhythm, to all out thrash
and death metal, this pedal has it all.”

“It powers from a 9v battery or
can use a 9v DC power supply.”

“The key to the pedal is the Contour knob which gives you a “scooped” distortion sound.”

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