SFL-1 (Stereo Flanger) Japan w/Gray Case

Effect Information

From an original Arion product description:

“The SFL-1 Stereo Flanger Effects pedal utilizes Arion’s quality
low-noise modulation pedal technology.  The Arion Stereo Flanger
utilizes four controls to offer more sound variations than competing
flanger effects.”

“The SFL-1 Stereo Flanger generates dynamic
wavering sound by delaying the sound and many melodic effects in
between, incorporating BBD (bucket brigade) technology.  The principal
is similar to that of chorus but the speed of the frequency change can
be covered to the slower ranges.  Therefore, the width of the signal
delay is wider and various types of sound and vibrato sounds can be

“Other advantages are the stereo effect from OUT 2 by selecting the mode switch with 2 amplifiers.”

“Arion’s Stereo Flanger Effects Pedal features an easy-open battery compartment for simple 9-volt operation.”

Archived past online sales data:

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