SDP-6 (Very-Tone-Dog) w/Green Case & Original Packaging

Effect Information

“This is one cool pedal! It is designed to mimic the classic Gibson Varitone switch and give your guitar a variety of jazz and rock tones. You can use it in bypass mode for a clean boost for lead work and it will not color your sound. Just by switching the Tone Selector, you can switch to any of 10 guitar sounds; including Blues, Country, Jazz, 60s British, Semi-Hollow Body, and Surf. It functions as a notch filter and high gain preamp in one pedal. This pedal turns a Strat or Tele into a jazz box and will add some very cool tones to an amplified acoustic. You can play both the Barney Kessel and Roy Buchanan versions of Misty on your Tele with a pedal that has glowing dog eyes looking up at you. How cool is that?”
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