SD-9 (Sonic Distortion) Unknown Label & Chip Configuration

Effect Information

Apparently the SD-9 Sonic Distortion has more distortion than the TS-9,
which is more an overdrive pedal than a distortion. The SD-9
is crunchier, grittier, and also has more bottom end (less mid-range

For the record, these prices reflect all SD-9s lumped into one big SD-9 category. These effects had a variety of chips so keep that in mind when using this data as a reference. In eBay listings of the SD-9 it does not appear that chip varieties have that much effect on final purchase price. It seems name recognition, sound and the model number carry the day.

When the color of label or chip configuration is mentioned final sale prices will be put into the appropriate categories.

Any clarification or opinions are welcome.

More information on this effect can be found here.

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