SD-9 (Sonic Distortion) Japan/Silver Label (Unknown Chip Configuration)

Effect Information

“From the heyday of early 80s Ibanez comes the MIJ Ibanez SD-9 Sonic
Distortion, a rip-roaring distortion that can be tamed to deliver a
tasteful, subtle overdrive if that’s your style. Distortion, Tone and
Level knobs in the classic Ibanez chassis help you to build and shape
the kind of distortion that’s particularly delicious for grunge
guitarists and doesn’t muddy the fingerprint of your own personal

“The SD-9 is the best “Stack in a Box” pedal
I’ve ever heard and can get a very convincing Marshall sound, in
addition to some very bluesy tones when the drive setting is zeroed. To
be absolutely certain that any SD-9 is genuine, here are some tips to verify a true vintage pedal from a reissue. First look
for MAXON on 1) The circuit board, 2) The battery cover, and 3) The case
just above the FET on/off switch; but there is also the green capacitors, the grey battery terminal and of course the famed JRC4558D,
or TA7558P, or JRC2043D Chip. All of these must be present for it to

The SD-9 Sonic Distortion has more distortion than the TS-9,
which is more an overdrive pedal than a distortion. The SD-9
is crunchier, grittier and also has more bottom end (less mid-range
boost). It is sort of like an MXR distortion+ with
a Big Muff tone control. There are some
settings on the SD-9 that can sound quite like a TS-9.
To get a sound like a TS-9 with all controls at 12:00 (straight up)
set the SD-9 DISTORTION and TONE controls all the way down, and LEVEL
about 3:00 (to the right). To get a sound like the TS-9 as
above but with its DRIVE control at 3:00 : turn the SD-9 DIST
up to about 9:00. It’s not exact but pretty close!”

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