SD-01 (Sonic Distortion)

Effect Information

“From Maxon’s “Zero-One” series circa mid to late 80s. The production
run on this unit was small; there aren’t many of them. Japanese market
only. Made in Japan. Built like a brick; weighs in at a noticeably
hefty and healthy 21 ounces. The Maxon SD-01 Sonic Distortion is their “0” series version
of the early 80s SD-9 Sonic Distortion (Maxon repackaged the early 80s
9 series pedals as the “0” series in the mid to late 80s).”

“Uses a JRC4558D op amp like the original 808/Tubescreamer. This
is where the similarities end. Has high gain and more clarity, less
compression, and less midrange than the 808 or OD-9 no mid-hump. The
distortion is brighter; the treble does not drop — which lends itself to
be played in any pickup position.”

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