Scratchy Snatch Fuzz (V1 Perhaps?)

Effect Information

“The quality of workmanship and wiring is top-notch. Socketed transistors, clean wiring and hand lettering on the finish. It has five knobs, two stomp switches and two
toggles. I don’t know about you — but I spend more time fiddling with the “Snatch” than playing it. So if that is your thing — get one of these.”

“With the toggle one way you have a “zillion” fuzz face style
sounds. Switch the other way — and you have somethig that sounds like a Big Muff — the green Sovtek version for sure. When in FF mode, you have the stomp for two voices (more/less bass).
Dialing in the bias knobs really gives you the most options — from wide open to fuzz factory sputters and everything in between.”

Retails new for $170. More information on this effect can be found here. Technical and sound discussion can be found here.

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