SCH (Stereo Chorus)

Effect Information

“The Vesta Fire SCH (Stereo Chorus) may be somewhat rare. There are some unique features with this effect. A Mix knob provides for the blending of the effect with the original instrument signal. The Mode switch gives you the choice of Dry/Wet and +Mix or -Mix outputs. I’m not sure how to explain the second function, but the Dry/Wet mix allows you to use the Mix knob to create a balance between the Dry and Wet signals. By using this function you can achieve a blend that is very subtle or very strong — as well as anything in between.”

“The Filter knob offers a wide variety tonal variations and the Depth knob can be used to adjust the amount of chorus signal that is blended into the original signal. The Rate knob goes from ridiculously slow to extremely fast. The pedal sounds very clean and quiet with extremely low background noise.”

“Vesta Fire effects are high quality pedals from the 1980s that may not have been sold extensively in the US. Prices in the day may have been higher because of the quality of components. As they were manufactured in Japan, shipping expenses were greater and there were many other brands of effects that Vesta Fire had to compete with in the US market.”

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