SCH-1 (Stereo Chorus) (Black Case)

Effect Information

“The Arion SCH-1 is a chorus pedal that
many pros use. It is an old pedal from the 80s, and they usually go for
over 100 bucks on eBay. This pedal new was probably a lot less than

“The SCH-1 is a really lush chorus. It gives an
incredible sound for high frequencies as well as low ones. It is a joy
to play with clean sound, as the notes has such a clarity that few
choruses have.”

“This pedal can produce an incredible variety of
authentic tones, anything from subtle, slow sweeping lush chorus, to
pretty much any other kind of chorus you could possibly want. It does
it all, and it does it well.”

“Blues players! Want a leslie sound? The SCH-1 does a fantastic leslie sound!
You can not believe this plastic pedal thing can create sounds this
huge. You can do SRV’s Cold Shot with this and be proud of your tone. I
find it works great on not only blues guitar rhythm playing, but leads
just as well.”

“It is no coincidence that monster players like
Scott Henderson, Michael Landau, Dan Huff, etc, all have the Arion
SCH-1 as one of their main pedals. It’s simply a fantastic pedal. If
you can find one — get it, you will love it!”

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