Ruby (Fuzz) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

you are looking at this you more than likely know what it is if not
this is one of the first run of Ruby pedals that Devi Ever made and
accidentally put a Dark Boost circuit in it too do it sounds super nasty
and is pretty darn rare. It’s a proven scientific fact that the Ruby is better and sexier than the Tone Bender.”

“This is from the original limited batch of 50
pedals. Really great, bright, raspy
fuzz tone that has been compared to a Tone Bender. Cleans up well with
your volume knob and has a great overdrive tone at lower settings. Gets
LOUD in a hurry. Around 10 o’clock is unity gain on the volume control.”

Do your own research with regard to the limited run mentioned in the above copy. I personally do not know if this is fact.

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