RPD-10 (Panning/Delay) w/Original Instructions

Effect Information

“This unit can do up to two seconds of delay that alternate repeats from left to
right, with controls for time, feedback, tone, and effect level. On the
rear it takes 1/4″ guitar or RCA cables with stereo outputs (use only
one channel for mono). A switch chooses -20dBm (guitar level) or -10
dBm (semi-pro gear, effects loops, synths, etc.) You can cancel the
direct signal outputting only delay, so it can be used with a mixer or
in an effect loop with a blend control.”

“If you choose the chorus mode
the controls will allow you to shape things to your liking, and for
example if you crank the tone knob, it can ADD high end to the chorus
effect, simulating a Boss/Roland Dimension C. The rear panel also has a jack for the bypass switch and hold function.”

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