RM-1A (Ring Modulator)

Effect Information

“The 1972 Maestro Ring Modulator RM-1A guitar effects pedal.
Considered by many effects connoisseurs to be the best and most
important ring mod ever made. It was perhaps the collaboration between
Maestro, Bob Moog, Tom Oberheim and ARP that resulted in this incredible
synth module-like guitar effect. The RM-1A sounds like musically oscillating metallic frequencies reminiscent of
an old sci-fi music score. It tracks almost perfectly and is extremely

More information on this effect can be found here. A review can be found here. Slight difference in graphics between the 1A and the 1B. Looking at the top of the effect on a 1B you can see that “INST” and “AMP” are printed on the surface. You won’t see this on the 1A. I have no idea whether internal components differ between the two models. Anyone know?

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