(RB-20) RockBox

Effect Information

“It runs on eight AA batteries or a 6v power adapter (try tracking down an original Ross adapter!). It has stereo outs, an effects loop and a headphone jack. There is an input for AUX and guitar so you can jam along with a drum machine.”

“A great, classic sounding guitar amp simulator by Ross. This model may be rare and is all analog. There is a normal unprocessed channel, two clean channels that feature the famous Ross Compressor, a distortion channel, and an overdrive channel. The delay and chorus have a depth adjustment and are selectable on all channels.”

“Ross may have gotten into trouble with this unit (as it may have been) a clone of the famous Tom Scholz Rockman. Some reviews believe it to sound superior to the original Rockman.”

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Date Range (05/20/2022 - 05/20/2022)

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