(R-50) Distortion w/Brown Case (USA)

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“These are great pedals especially if you use a humbucker. I have yet to hear a vintage pedal that can match the Ross when paired with a good humbucking guitar. This kills the Script Logo MXR Distortion + because unlike the MXR this pedal will not drop volume or kill low end. It is a similar circuit to the MXR and early DOD 250 — many consider it superior in warmth and overall tonality.”

“Some versions of this effect were equipped with the RC4558P op-amp resulting in a warm harmonic analog sound complete with long sustain rolling into feedback. These early USA made Ross pedals deliver classic 70s tone with just about any guitar/amp setup. A great advantage of the simple Ross circuits is their inherent ability to keep your amp and guitar tone intact even when
adjusting volume on the guitar.”

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