PWB (Power Wah Boost)

Effect Information

“Much different than the
normal Cry Baby wah sound.

Made in 1979 or 1980.

It operates in three modes.
a) In VOLUME mode it acts as a high quality volume pedal.
b) In BOOST mode, activated by the left foot switch, it’s a volume pedal
with a ton of extra gain. The maximum gain is set by the black knob on
the left side of the unit.
c) POWER WAH mode activated by the right footswitch.”

“Morley made innovative use of optical circuits, so the volume and the
wah functions are immune to the “scratchy pot” syndrome that normal Cry
Baby and Vox wahs inevitably get. Let me also say that there is a lot of
gain with the boost function — unity level is about at the 9:00 position
on the boost knob, and above that you can crank up enough clean gain to
seriously drive the input stage of any amp. This unit is AC powered,
and has a great miniature red jewel light to show that the power is on.”

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