PS-2 (Pitch Shifter/Delay) Japan/Blue Label

Effect Information

“The PS-2 was the first pitch shifter made by Boss and one of the first pedals with dual boards. It works both as a pitch shifter and a digital delay and it is perhaps surprising that it doesn’t use the same chip as the DD-3 and DSD-3. Pitch shifting is limited to one octave up or down while maximum delay time is 2 seconds.”

“Very interesting sounds you can get out of the pedal if you spend the time tweaking the knobs.  The pedal has been used by bands like Stars of the Lid and Slowdive (listen to the end of Souvlaki Space Station for an example). It should also be said that this is a made in Japan model — not the Taiwan models that came later and the pedal is no longer in production, so they have become sought after stomp boxes.”

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