PS-10 (Phase Shifter) w/Original Box

Effect Information

“Knobs here are standard for phasers: rate, depth,
feedback. The cool thing about this phase shifter is there is a fourth
knob (small) next to an off/on switch that controls the rate speed for
the STAGE 2 phase. Yes this does have the option of two different phasers
that is activated by holding down the bypass while the pedal is on.”

“If you have the STAGE 1 set for clean, faster phasing you can hold the
pedal down and have the STAGE 2 phase set slower for longer distorted
sweeps. If the switch is set to OFF then you can step on the pedal to
turn it off and on. Only when set to the ON position can you engage the
STAGE 2 phase. The battery connector is under the bypass like a boss
pedal but also has an AC adapter jack and a weird looking jack on the
back that looks like it could connect to a multi-pedal board somehow.”

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