PS-023 (Chorus Flanger)

Effect Information

“I’m using this pedal with several guitars and two amps. It’s not noisy at all — very quiet even at extreme settings. Chorus sound is good. It’s no EH Poly Chorus but it holds its own. It
can go VERY deep and detune a lot if that’s what you want. You know — it’s a chorus. Vibrato is good, but I never use it.”

“With the manual and resonance
knobs all the way down and with depth set at about half, you can get a
metallic echoing effect. Sounds almost like a ring modulator. You can
get weird buzzes and bell-like clangs with it. If you turn the resonance
up it feeds back on itself and goes out of control making this
siren-like sound. The Vibrato has a great sound and is the icing on the
cake. Three great effects in one box. Overall, it’s
a good sound for the price.”

“Although Guyatone calls this a “double effect” in reality it is a
triple-effect. You can choose between Chorus, Flanger and Vibrato. 100
percent analog so nothing digital in this closet classic. The Chorus can
get very deep and warbly. The Flanger can go from what you would
normally expect — to extreme.”

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