PS-009 (Multi Octaver) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The Guyatone PS-009 Multi Octaver is a great octave pedal, made in Japan in the 80s. The PS-009 is similar to Pearl OC-07 Octaver, sometimes thought of as a “poor man’s Pearl.” Don’t listen to people that say that! Nothing “budget” about this pedal. Heavy die cast enclosure, built to last. Has a nice extra “Octave Only” output, really handy if you want to send just the octaves to a separate amp (a feature the Pearl does not have).


  • Lower 1 controls the volume of a tone 1 octave below the input signal
  • Lower 2 controls the volume of a tone 2 octaves below the input signal
  • Upper controls the volume of a tone 1 octave above the input signal

“But, be warned: the octaves this pedal generates are (intentionally) very distorted and will make your guitar sound very synth-like … so the PS-009 is not for the unadventurous. Requires a 9v, center-negative DC power supply or can be powered by a 9v battery.”

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