PS-006 (Analog Echo)

Effect Information

“The PS-006 is rare. There aren’t many of them. It’s production run was short: 1981 to 1983. It was made in Japan by the Tokyo Sound Co. This was Guyatone’s answer to the Maxon/Ibanez
AD-80 Analog Delay and the Boss DM-2 Analog Delay. Notice how all three
pedals have the same control layout. The PS-006 uses the much coveted
MN3005 bbd chip — the same chip that was used in the Maxon/Ibanez AD-80
and some of the early Boss DM-2s. The chip alone when found these days
can cost up to $50. Can achieve the same sort of wild self-oscillation
that the AD-80 is famous for.”

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