Power Supply AC Adapter Model 500 (for Performer Pedals)

Effect Information

“This AC adapter is for use with the DOD Performer Series pedals:  525 (Compressor Limiter), 545 (Wah Filter), 545A (Wah Filter), 555 (Distortion), 565 (Stereo Chorus), 565A (Stereo Chorus),  565B (Stereo Chorus Vibrato), 575 (Flanger), 575A (Flanger), 575B (Flanger), 585 (Analog Delay), 585 (Analog Delay), 585B (Dual Delay), 595 (Phasor), and 595A (Phasor). There pedals were made in the 1980s and they ran on two 9 volt batteries or this power supply which has a somewhat unique 1/4″ plug end.”

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