Poly Phase (V1) (Phase Shift w/Envelope Control)

Effect Information

“The vintage Electro-Harmonix Poly Phase — a phase shift with envelope control effect. Electro-Harmonix may have stopped producing this effect in the mid-1980s [anyone know when it debuted]? This unit is only AC powered and has a six-stage phaser with
two totally different sections. One is an ordinary phaser with speed and feedback adjustment, the other an envelope-controlled phase stage
with modulation capabilities.”

“It has five knobs and one slide
switch. In “Sweep” mode — only the feedback and speed knobs function. In
“Env” mode — the feedback, env-sensitivity, env-mod and mod-speed knobs
function. In this switch position the phase stage is controlled by the
input signal. The harder you hit, the more the phase sound is swept to
higher frequencies. It takes some time to get your favorite
sensitivity setting, once you have it, it’s easy to reset because
of the helpful knob plate markings.”

“This unit has two 1/4″ outputs: One carries the dry signal, the other is switched from effect to bypass
via the stomp switch. This unit has one 1/4″ input.”

“Unique and powerful sound with analog phase and envelope modulations — you simply can’t find this sound anymore. Both speed knobs cover a
wide speed range — everything from slow phase to Leslie-like sound is
possible. Sound wise, this unit resembles an EH Small Stone, EH Q-Tron
and MXR Phase 100 all thrown together.”

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