Poly Chorus (Chorus Effect/Studio Flange) w/Two-Prong Plug

Effect Information

“The rare
original 70s Electro Harmonix Polychorus multi-effects pedal. Great
features on this one (EH always gave extra options that set them apart),
like the blend switch which mixes 50 percent of the straight signal in with the
effect for more definition and clarity, yet still sounding plenty lush
and ethereal in all modes. You have awesome dimensional
chorusing, that can sound like a choir, or as subliminal as ripples from
a stone thrown into a still pond.”

“The flanging is sweet and
syrupy, and when coupled with fuzz and or distortion/overdrive, yeilds
some of the BEST jet flanging tones ever … better IMO than the often
cited MXR Flanger. It just sounds deeper and melds with
distortion SO, much better. Additionally, there is an ambient (bathroom)
100ms delay that can be used by itself or to create that extra
dimension for either the chorus or flanger  settings … a major plus.”

unit uses the desirable SAD1024 chip to wield its unique variety of killer time-based tones. The only offset to this
is that when the feedback control is maxed it will self-oscillate. Has built in two-prong power cord.”

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