Pink Flesh (Black Case w/Chrome Knobs) & Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The Pink Flesh is based
on the Electro Harmonix Triangle-Knob Muff (1971) four-transistor fuzz. The builder changed the
input capacitor to a more saturated-sound similar to a 1973 Rams Head Muff. He tightened up the bass, smoothed out the highs and eliminated the mid-scoop. Instead of a
raging wall of fuzz, you get a more focused and amp-like tone. This eliminates the need to stack with EQs or other overdrives to smooth
things out or bring up the mid-range.”

“The Pink Flesh is more aggressive in mid-range tone than the Mayo and is voiced for those woody, warm Big Muff tones found on Pink Floyd’s The Wall album.  The switch allows for the Pink Flesh to go from “flat” to “mid-hump” as opposed to “scoop” for the Mayo.

“Sadly, the Pink Flesh is
no longer available due to the scarcity of the transistors that made
this pedal MAGIC!”

Additional discussion on this effect can be found here.

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